Florida Youth Programs was started over 10 years ago by an assistant school principal in Seminole County who saw a need for affordable after-school programs. Believing that every child should have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities, we have established partnerships with local City and County Parks and Recreation Departments, allowing us to provide quality programs that are both fun and affordable for all families.

 With keeping our class prices low, we are able to offer families the opportunity to have their children participate in programs that will help them build their self-confidence, teach them teamwork and respect for themselves and others, and provide them with a physical activity that gets them moving!

 We hold sessions through out the school year – with our Fall Session starting in September through the middle of December and our Spring session begins January and ends in May. Classes are held once a week for 50 minutes. A performance/demonstration is scheduled at the end of each season during the scheduled class time and is open to family and guests. An annual recital is held at the end of the Spring session for all locations and classes at a central location.

After finding the right class(es) for your child below, check here to find the best schedule option nearest you. We currently provide classes in the following areas:


Our Self Defense curriculum is designed to introduce basic self defense techniques utilizing Tae Kwon Do. Our program emphasizes the skills taught in the class while promoting self-discipline, self-confidence, safety awareness, respect and physical fitness.



This class is the dancer’s introduction to formal ballet class structure. This includes stretching and strengthening exercises, barre work is introduced with a greater emphasis on vocabulary and French terminology. Musicality is emphasized along with balance and coordination through the strengthening of the body core. Center floor work is introduced with continued focus on the positions of the arms, legs and feet using classical ballet vocabulary. Ages 5-16 and all skill levels welcome for this fundamental class.

 Hip Hop

This class will introduce dancers to the basic vocabulary and style of hip hop movement through high energy and can be taught to anyone with a passion to move. Jazz Funk is a popular class concept that infuses the funky style of hip hop with the technical side of jazz. Dancers will learn the fundamentals of each style such as isolations, flexibility, turns, and jumps. This class will encourage students to dance outside of the box and bring their own personality to each movement. We pride ourselves on being a family oriented program and go out of our way to ensure musical selections are censored and edited appropriately. Ages 5-16 and all skill levels welcome for this fundamental class.

Florida Youth Dazzlers Performance and Competition Team

This group of classes are designed for dancers with the passion to perform and compete at an intermediate to elite skill level. Florida Youth Dazzlers train at least twice as often as our introductory classes and are the ambassadors of our dance organization performing and competing across the Central Florida area. Extended travel may be required up to 2 times per year based on the coach's selected Regional and National competition schedule. This team's season starts mid-September and runs through mid-July with performances scheduled monthly.  During bi-weekly rehearsals, dancers learn technique and multiple routines throughout the season ranging in various styles such as lyrical, jazz, and hip hop. Staying true to our principles, classes and costuming remain affordable and fundraising options are available throughout the season. Ages 8-16 with an understanding of basic technique and terminology are welcome to audition for our team.